Homestuck2 Upd8 Notifier

This bot repeatedly checks the Homestuck2 site for new pages, and posts a notification with a link to the new page when it shows up. It will never post anything but upd8 posts, so you can turn on notifications without being spammed.

The upd8 bot is intended to be available on platforms that are convenient to you. See instructions for each supported platform below.


Follow @hs2upd8 and enable notifications to receive a push notification when Homestuck2 up8s.


You can get notifications of up8s via this RSS feed. (Ok technically it's an Atom feed.) You can use an IFTTT applet connected to the RSS feed to receive notifications, but they might be delayed since it only checks every once in a while.


If you want to use IFTTT and get notified more promptly, you can use this webhook based applet.

Receiving notifications with this requires giving your IFTTT webhook key, which allows this bot to send you events. You can find your key on the webhooks page, by clicking "documentation" while logged in. Your webhook key will be stored on the server.

Other Platforms

If you'd like to receive notifications on another platform that's not here, request it and I'll see what I can do. Currently a Discord bot is planned, as well as faster IFTTT notifications.